Under Construction

Under construction has been developed in 3 sections for a long term project. The first two sections - performed as photo projects- included the city center concentrated on the visual typology of the state of endless construction of the various places of the country.

Within this framework, the pavements have been chosen as a starting point and the mandatory social and spatial organizations in the surroundings of pavement construction are pointed out.

The fact that a public place in the city center "Guven Park" had been transformed into a kind of pavilion as an area of exhibition, seperated by police bands constituted one to one visual relationship with the bands of the construction situation.

"Societé du Spectacle" is under construction!

Within the context of Under Construction #2, with the result of the panoramic photo works concerning the landscape / cityscape issue, it became technically obvious that the urban scene could not constitute a unity like the rural scene. The broken structure of the organization of time within the city, based on no-project special for the country, was studied concentrating on Güven Park and on the stone pavements as an extention of the first project. Different from the first project, ancient Anatolian Civilizations present the best examples of stone masonary, had been suggested as a tranforming craft. The necessary tools were presented to the "audience" within the content of the work, in front of the photographs.

The visual relationships between the important architectural examples in Ankara and the city texture; the tensions, the breaks were displayed using photographs. Within this context, four buildings were determined and photographed from a fixed distance. The prints were 40x50cm, black and white and presented in 50x70cm frames. The performance consisted of four people (3 workmen and I) waiting in a defined area, in the working hour for a day.

The basic concern in such a work is that the construction condition in the country lead to a continous expectation. Hysteria: should be destroyed and once more... "Newness" (yenidenlik) is a vicious circle with no way out. Constructing the "new" when everything is new. However, anything new in country is worn out the same time it is constructed. The constructions that were built not to be deconstructed has covered all of the country. The city looks old. For the construction of new buildings the workmen are waiting, the architects are waiting, the engineers are waiting. All of us, with our institutions and organizations are at the service of The Turkish Construction Sector.