Shock and Awe

This is no war, there is no enemy except singled out by the most powerful. It is pure destruction, simple: of the spirit, the psyche, the faith, of the belief in everything civilized. It is manifest barbarism. It is pure vulgarity, brutality. How would an british gentilman put it? 'Yes, it is very rude indeed.'

This is about libertinism and about pornography. 24 hours Arab porn live! Yet, it is undercover. It is covered as erotic. A mere victorian representation. You cannot show, you can just mean it as hiding the actual engagement.

While hard core action is going on, we all love the technological wonders of civilization. It is the ultimate consumer fetishism. Object of destruction, destructs itself (and themselves.) Nobody can have it, the one that has is the objective. Objects of opportunity. It is a suicide attack of an intelligent bomb. A bomb sees, understands and shares the ultimate experience it has!

It is all about enjoyment. Oriental ecstatic flavour of corpses makes US high and they fly very high, they turn the night into day, they turn everything inside out. Fresh flesh makes them confident! Total self-assurance of a fictive victory, like a victorian orgasm. Their mission is to try all the possible positions, only the missionary position can be shown. So? So you don’t see who is fucked, how they are fucked. Oh civilization! It blows me away.

As civilizations clash, peoples converge. While the cruising tomahawks leave their mushrooms behind, the empathy with the unfortunate is strengthened. As I write these, I wake up to the news of the world turning, rise and shine: Starting in wellington, new zealand, through australia and far east, all the way to delhi, istanbul, berlin, paris, london, then over the atlantic, to the new world, new york, ending at the golden gate only to start once more cross the island of the day before, thousands are out on the streets demanding an end and a new beginning. History does not repeat itself, people seize hold of a memory as it flashes up at a moment of danger, as the napalm flash. Hanoi 1968, an enlightened Susan Sontag writes: “….. But is it possible to feel like that about America now? That was something I often debated with the Vietnamese. They assured me that I must love America just as much as they love Vietnam. It’s my patriotism that makes me oppose my country’s foreign policy; I want to preserve the honor of the country I cherish above all others….” This time it is different. Millions in the world are encouraged not only by the intelligentsia, but by the common folk in america that say “not in our name.” This is patriotism worldwide, patriots of the global future. The convergence is aware that the future will be shared east and west, or it shall cease to exist for the living. Never before have we felt this kind of solidarity above the ideologies, the world has never been smaller and affinity never stronger.

Shocking is the gathering,
Awesome will be its power…

March 24th, 2003
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