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Guven Incirlioglu - Izmir
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Hakan Topal - New York
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Founded in 2000 by Guven Incirlioglu (Izmir, Turkey) and Hakan Topal (New York) as a transatlantic collaboration, xurban_collective projects focus on contemporary social, political and territorial issues such as military confinement and state violence, urban segregation and new global immigration patterns. The collective's work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the Istanbul Biennial, PS1/MoMA (New York), Apexart (New York), Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (Vienna), Kunst-Werke (Berlin), ZKM Center for Art and Media (Karlsruhe, Germany), Pratt Institute Manhattan Gallery (New York), and National Contemporary Art Museum (Athens), among others.

Guven Incirlioglu studied architecture, photography, and holds a Ph.D. in art theory. Since the 1980s, he has worked mostly with photography, photo-mechanical materials, and new media, exhibiting in group and solo exhibitions in New York, Ankara, Istanbul, Sarajevo, Sofia, and other locations. Since 1990, he has been a lecturer in art and design in various schools in Turkey, including Bilkent University, Ankara, and Bilgi University and Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul.

Hakan Topal is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. His texts and projects have been featured in various international journals, books, and catalogs. Trained as a civil engineer (B.S.), continued his studies in Gender and Women's Studies and Sociology (M.S.) at Middle East Technical University. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the New School for Social Research with a concentration in urban sociology and sociology of arts. He is an Associate Professor of New Media and Art+Design, and the chair of the MFA Media Arts program at Purchase College, State University New York.

Over the last 12 years, collective realized numerous projects with the help of many comrades, collaborators and production assistants including Mahir Yavuz, Atif Akin, M. Ali Uzelgun, Ali Demirel, Elif Aksit, Akin Gulseven, Jillian McDonald and Bulet Ozturk, Boyun Yand and Magdalena Wisniowska with the help og many dedicated curators and cultural producers.

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xurban.net/subjectile is a journal for daily xurban activities


Domestic Labor, Knitting and alternative networks: Knit++
by imam@xurban_collective

We Are Not Professionals
by imam@xurban_collective

On Collectivty
by imam & pope

Trademarks and the Clash of Civilizations:
Authentic versus Counterfeit

by imam & pope

An Interim Report: Istanbul Exclusive
by imam & pope

Nullify the Void
A manifestation_05_2005
by imam & pope

Shock & Awe
by imam & pope

A manifestation_2000
by pope@xurban_collective


Diagolues Accross Borders
[pope &pagan]
A xurban workshop in Yerevan_07_2007
Coming soon!

The City of Ruins
[pope & imam]
A xurban installation project_03_2004

In Memoriam Derelicti...
The poetics of the derelict as opposed to the military, the technocratic, the financial and the cultural management of the metropolis: fuck the new order, let the old one rot in peace_2001

Bes Sehir / Five Cities
A photographic survey of the city, from East to West, just when the metropolis turns itself into a spectacle, when the 'Flâneur' is the tourist, and the ruins pile up as we are carried away towards the future_2001

Kursun Asker / Lead Soldier
Bir bacagi eksik bolunmez butunluk / Inseperable unity without one leg

b a c k t o l i f e
an experiment on animal behaviour.social isolation issue in a special type aquarium.

Un-for-tu-na-te Com-po-si-tion
A backward, self-ironic, exploration of fragmented psyche, part of the anuscope project_2000

Paranomic-Distributions I . II
A proposal :The possibility of suspension image. An image, does not evolve, does not stand, does not succeed. Just exhausts itself. An idea : The smell of the death bodies carried away with the dust. The rain could not clean. The society, the hygienic one, has already rotten, decayed, mortified. The endless trauma is the mediatic one_05_2000

Under Construction
For the construction of new buildings the workmen are waiting, the architects are waiting, the engineers are waiting. All of us, with our institutions and organizations are at the service of The Turkish Construction Sector_1998

Off The Book / Kayitdisi Mekanlar
Surveying Istanbul's 'Historical Peninsula' as the markets and the Bazaar defy the logic of late capitalism and the multi-national corporation, in a tradition going back to Byzantium_2000

Kabil Körfezi / Gulf of Kabul: Bir Koy, Bes Al

A 7 holes trip in the cave


Tears of the Prime Minister
A speculative study on corporeal clichés.

Project g+y-1
A work about bodies, home-design and the capital city of the nation-state.

Welcome to the Party


1. Globalisation was a lie.

2. Global is the free floating capital, defying national borders, penetrating.

3. Commodity/spectacle is in worldwide circulation, unlike peoples of the world.

4. The 'liberal' aims at the liberation of the capital, not freedom. Money liberates, and for the rest it is the military-police state as usual.

5. To Tolstoy, "Government is Violence"; but to think that the salvation lies in the initiative of the multi-national corporation appears as a grave mistake.

6. The civil society should be constructed outside the state and the capitalist sponsor networks. Non-profit organizations are traps.

7. The autonomy of culture and identity can exist as being autonomous only from commerce.

8. The apparent diffusion of ownership and the swift moves of the capital aim at manipulation. No market index is justified by the actual production, just as no value for labor is just.

9. The global culture of capitalism breeds nationalism and fanaticism. The thugs kill for recognition.

10. The only transnational territory is still the world wide web, as long as it is not sold out in a merger with English as the transnational language.

11. Power corrupts, be it official or unofficial. The xurbanite aims at stripping the self off any power moves.

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